Monday, October 7, 2013


I think it may be time to bring this blog back.

Its been nearly 18 months since I have published with any frequency. However, I was talking to an athlete today and expressing how helpful it is to share with the world and it got me thinking. I do feel like this medium has helped me get my thoughts into the world and that in turn has helped me be (I hope) a present, happy force in this world.

Its been a crazy ride this past year. Ups have been way up and there have been some tough downs. That being said, I am pretty blessed to be in this life I lead and in these communities in which I am a part.

I will probably spend some time talking about FINA World Championships this summer or racing or RallySport Aquatics in time. However, today is a thank you. We need to spend more time acknowledging and thanking the people in our lives.

Thank you to all of you.

To my wife, Breeze who always puts up with me and rides the storms with me. Who deals with weeks apart and still supports my dreams. You are the best, plain and simple.

To my family. Mom and Dad and Bill who always push, challenge and support me and my endeavors. Also to my niece and nephew, who remind me without fail, that life is a joy. make it a joy.

To my in-laws. The Brown family who has taken me in as their own and to Kelley for being a great  supporter.

To RACE (RallySport Aquatics) and all of my APEX athletes. I just love watching you guys race.

To my competitors, for challenging me and showing me how to do it right...and frankly, for reminding me at times what doing it wrong looks like. 

To so many more that influence my life on a daily basis. Whether the influence is positive or negative, it shapes who I have become and how I function in this world.

Its a great, crazy ride we are on. Whatever, you believe comes next, you only get one shot at this. Make it worth every second. 

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