Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Here We Come

New Year's Day is traditionally a time where many people choose to make resolutions in their lives. It make sense. A new start. Clean, unweighted by the past. Leave the past behind and move into the new you. Whether its to be faster, thinner, stronger, more patient or happier, this is the time we choose to make it happen.

The problem however, is never choosing what we want to change or when. The problem is how. Most of the time, the things we want to change are intertwined into the fabric of our daily routine and have created little relationships of their own in our lives. Its not a simple switch. There is an old adage that says, "people don't change". I could not disagree with this more. I am a firm beliver that it should be "people don't LIKE to change". Even when it is something we want to do or know we could do, our brains don't like change. It has spent years wiring itself to be good at what we do, rewiring is hard, so it doesn't "like" it.

So how do we give ourselves the best shot at a resolution? Here are a couple things that work.

1. Make sure the change you are trying to make is the change you want to make.
Any major change in your life has to be about you. It cannot be a coach or a spouse or parent telling you what you should do. (I hate that word should. It drips of failure and guilt.) You have to be trying to make changes purely because you see the benefit to them. Others can help you see it, but you have to believe it.

2. Make sure the change you are making is a change you can make.
Your resolution has to be achievable and realistic.  I'm not going to go from a mid level masters cyclist to a Tour De France winner, but I can win some local races. Look for something that will be a challenge, but if all goes right, you can reach.

3. Find those people in your life that are going to support you. 
"tell the wold your goals and you will find people that want to help"
I don't mean Facebook and Twitter either. It takes no risk to throw things up there and it will only help to fuel your guilt if you don't follow through. Tell a couple people who are close to you and let them know how you feel. Are you scared, excited, angry, what is the motivation? Having a couple confidants and supporters can keep you on task and keep you happy.

4. Be patient, but be honest.
It will take time and not everyday will be perfect. You will have bad days and you will "cheat", but get back on the path as soon as possible. Also, don't settle. This is the be honest part. Don't talk about what you have done and how that is enough or that is why you can relax. We are looking for lifestyle changes. Make the change and strive to that goal.


Tim said...

Nice job Grant!

Tim said...

Nice job Grant! I resolve to come to Boulder next year for CX Natz. Preoccupied with trying to get ready for Ironman Lake Placid. Boy, I sure could use a swim coach :) Happy New Year.